Book Aid International sends more than 10,000 books to Ukrainian refugees

27 May 2022 News

Book Aid International has sent 10,070 children’s books to a Polish literacy organisation as a “refuge” to Ukrainian children who have fled conflict. 

The Universal Reading Foundation in Warsaw will receive the books, which were donated to Book Aid International by UK publishers. 

The charity has thanked Oxford University Press and Green Bean Books in particular, which financially contributed to the shipment of books.  

Almost six million Ukrainians have sought shelter in neighbouring countries since Russia invaded their country, of which 1.8 million are children. 

'Books are a refuge'

50,000 Ukrainian children will be helped by the Universal Reading Foundation, which is working with a network of orphanages, libraries and schools in Poland that are sheltering Ukrainian children.  

Maria Deskur, CEO of the Universal Reading Foundation, spoke of the value of books for these Ukrainian children. 

She said: “Books are a refuge. For small kids reading is a peaceful and close moment with someone they trust: a fundamental sign that they are ok, they can spare a moment to smile together over a book. For older children reading is a crucial mind opener; a huge empathy strengthening training; a great critical thinking lesson – which especially for teenagers is so immensely important!

“Thanks to the Book Aid International donation, we plan to start an extensive cooperation with refugee centres where Ukrainians stay on their way to other countries. We would love all these children to be able to get the chance to read at least one book.” 

‘When conflict strikes, books offer hope’

Alison Tweed, CEO of Book Aid International, said: “When conflict strikes books offer the chance to find hope and to continue to learn even while fleeing war.

“We think it is vital to support the Universal Reading Foundation’s important work at this incredibly difficult time and we would like to warmly thank everyone who made this shipment possible. We could not send a single book without the support of publishers who donate these wonderful, brand new books to our charity.” 

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