Big Lottery Fund criticised for spending more per head in Scotland 

11 Sep 2017 News

The Big Lottery Fund has been attacked on the front page of the Daily Mail for allocating more money per head in Scotland than it does in England. 

On Saturday the Mail reported that BIG gave out £14.04 per head to causes in Scotland but £9.32 per head to causes in England, with the headline Scots win the Lotto

Overall BIG gave £76m to projects in Scotland and £510m to causes in England. 

The Mail said: “The huge disparity mirrors the controversial government spending formula that sees Scotland subsidised by English taxpayers.” 

Population is one factor 

BIG said that population was just one factor in deciding where to allocate funding. 

A spokesman said: “Population is one key factor we take into consideration when determining our funding, but we do so alongside other social and economic factors. 
We continually review the allocation of our funding to ensure people across the UK can access it, and that it makes the biggest possible difference to people and communities.”

Calls for a review

The Mail story included calls from three Conservative MPs for a review of how the money is distributed. 

Nadine Dorries, MP for Mid Bedfordshire, said: “It is absolutely outrageous that people who buy their lottery tickets in good faith are seeing their hard-earned money being siphoned north of the border.”

It also quoted Peter Bone, MP for Wellingborough, and Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire. 


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