Alzheimer’s Society unveils new branding

26 Jan 2017 News

Alzheimer’s Society has announced that it has rebranded itself, after research found its old branding to be “passive, clinical and cold”. 

The organisation announced its rebrand today, and said that it would “give a stronger voice to every single person affected by dementia”. The branding overhaul was done with London-based creative agency Heavenly. 

Vivienne Francis, director of marketing and external affairs at the organisation would not say how much the rebrand cost, but said: “We continually update and refresh our brand materials - this is part of our on-going work and existing marketing spend and is not an isolated cost. We have been conscious of cost throughout the rebrand process and sought to minimise spend from the outset.”

Rebrand prelude to launch of new strategy

Alzheimer’s Society confirmed that the unveiling of its rebrand will precede the launch of the organisation’s new five year strategy called ‘New Deal on Dementia 2017-2022’. 

As part of its rebrand, Alzheimer’s Society also unveiled its new strapline “United Against Dementia”, which it said “reflects the growing dementia movement that has already begun with nearly two million Dementia Friends and over 200 Dementia Friendly Communities”. 

Throughout the rebranding process both it and its creative agency “consulted with people with dementia, supporters, and members” which found that stakeholders “wanted a more tangible icon that could be used to demonstrate their support”. 

The icon chosen is the “forget-me-not flower” which the organisation said “has long been associated with dementia and treasured memories”. 

The charity launched its new website as part of the rebrand today, and consulted with people affected by dementia during its development to “ensure the site is as user-friendly as possible”. 

Morella Kayman, co-founder of the charity, said that the rebrand was part of ensuring that Alzheimer’s Society reached “the next level”.

“When I co-founded Alzheimer’s Society 37 years ago, I could never have imagined it would touch the lives of quite so many people. Although the charity started small, it has developed and grown beyond all recognition. It is time that this wonderful organisation goes to the next level to reach even more people affected by dementia.”

Alzheimer's Society had an income of just under £100m for the year to March 2016. 


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