What's in January 2019's issue of Fundraising Magazine?

07 Jan 2019 In-depth

To kick off 2019 we reveal the findings of the Top 100 Fundraising Directors Survey, with Cancer Research UK again taking the top spot, raising in excess of £440m.

In another article in this month's issue, Alana Tubasei, Desiree D’Souza and Lizzi Hollis offer some thoughts about what 2019 might hold for fundraisers. 

This month's interview is with RNIB's Alex McDowell, who says that although it has been difficult implementing changes to comply with General Data Protection Regulations, it helped the charity's fundraisers reconnect with their supporters. 

Elsewhere in this issue, the British Heart Foundation explains how a 2.4m high sculpture formed the centerpiece of an innovative fundraising campaign. 

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