Stephen Cotterill: There has to be more to 2018 than GDPR

05 Jan 2018 In-depth

Stephen Cotterill says it is time to look past GDPR and think big again.

As with a large proportion of 2017, the first half of this year is likely to be taken up with discussions around the General Data Protection Regulation due to come into force in May. If you are still unsure of the nuances of consent versus legitimate interest, then the clock is ticking.

To be fair there has been bucketloads of guidance. How much of it served to muddy the waters rather than clear them, though, is debatable. Collectively, there seems to have been a lack of clarity.

The Fundraising Preference Service and the further activities of the Fundraising Regulator are also likely to be prevalent themes this year. As will any changes to the Code and Tracey Crouch’s approach to fundraising as the new Civil Society Minister.

Sometimes our vision can become very myopic. The sector is complex and the devil, as we have often seen, is lurking deep in the detail. However, it is imperative that fundraisers remember to take a step back and think of new ways of doing things in 2018. With social services at breaking point, charities and the people who raise money for them will be needed more than ever.

When we asked people to write about hot topics for this year, the themes were varied, but all were ambitious – looking at different ways of doing things, different approaches, turning things on their heads. Whether using new technology or just using common sense, they all looked to big ideas that can drive fundamental change. As we start the new year, it’s good to think big.


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