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Do you have something you’d like to get of your chest, share with the rest of the charity sector or a discussion you’d like to start?

Civil Society Voices is the place for informed opinion and debate about the big issues affecting charities today. You will find articles highlighting interesting approaches charities are taking to governance, campaigning, finance, fundraising and HR issues as well as broader themes for the sector. 

We’re always keen to hear from anyone working or volunteering for a charity who has something to say. Get in touch at: [email protected]

There’s no need to send a finished article (most of the time it’s better to check we’re keen to run it first) or polished pitch, just a couple of lines explaining what you’d like to say and why. But here are some general pointers about our audience and what we find works.

  • Our audience is mainly people involved with charities – so try to think of what would help them to do their jobs better and avoid dwelling too much on how wonderful your charity is (they probably know that already).
  • There is not a rigid word limit but it can be harder to keep readers’ attention if an article is too long – between 700 and 900 words usually works well.
  • Keep it simple and try to avoid language that is too technical or jargony so that the piece can be understood by the widest possible audience.