Government grants comparable with other funders for first time

12 Dec 2017 News

Government grant data for the Ministry of Justice and the Department for Transport now fully meets 360Giving open, standardised format, meaning it can be compared with other funders.

The government published its government grants register earlier this year. IData for DfT and the MoJ was published using a format developed by the 360Giving, a charity which aims to improve transparency in grant-giving.

It included a column for charity number, theoretically making it possible to identify exactly how many charities have received grants from government, and how much the sector has received. However, a number of entries are missing data for this field.   

But yesterday 360Giving announced the data had now been improved so that it was properly comparable with other sets of grant data.

It has been added to the 360Giving registry here. There are currently over 60 funders which have provided grant data in 360Giving’s open format.

The government has indicated that it intends to publish more of its grant data using the 360Giving format in future years. 




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