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Senior Contract Salary: Competitive Closing date: 23 February 2018

The purpose of this consultancy is to inform the establishment of effective ranger insurance mechanisms in selected focal countries.

The objectives are:
•    To explore and define the characteristics of effective ranger insurance models.
•    To understand in detail current ranger insurance frameworks, and the polices and frameworks that influence and/or determine them, in selected focal countries.
•    In selected focal countries, to provide recommendations for: (1) effective ranger insurance models; and (2) the policy change needed to realise these models.


Rangers are the front-line guardians of natural resources and are often required to work under extremely difficult conditions and at great personal risk. Under these circumstances, the potential impact of employment conditions on performance is heightened. Of particular importance to occupational welfare is the ability to afford short-term and long-term healthcare if needed, and the ability to ensure that one’s family will be taken care of should unfortunate events occur.
A 2016 survey commissioned by WWF and the Ranger Federation of Asia (RFA) with support from Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC), International Ranger Federation (IRF), Global Tiger Forum (GTF) and Thin Green Line Foundation (TGLF), showed that rangers are often not protected adequately either legally, medically or financially. Key results, based on data collected form 40 countries, are as follows:
•    Rangers have no health insurance coverage in 20% of the countries surveyed. This included 40% of countries surveyed in Africa and 20% in Asia. All of the countries in other regions had insurance coverage through universal healthcare, employment-related health insurance, or a combination of both.
•    Rangers have no life insurance coverage in 35% of the countries surveyed. This included 50% of countries surveyed in Africa and 47% in Asia. Life insurance payouts varied widely across continents.
•    Rangers have no long-term disability coverage in 45% of the countries surveyed. This included 60% of countries surveyed in both Africa and Asia.
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Closing Date : 23/02/2018

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