Alzheimer’s Society grows fundraising income by 12 per cent

10 Oct 2017 News

The Alzheimer’s Society has reached £100m in income for the first time, after growing its voluntary income by 12 per cent in a year, the charity’s annual report has shown.

The annual report and accounts for the year ending March 2017 show that the charity’s income was £103.6m, up 6 per cent from the £97.9m the year before.

Its fundraising income reached £69.4m in 2016/17, which was up on 12 per cent on the previous year – the charity said this was “triple the average growth rate for the sector”.

Donations from philanthropists and grant-making trusts raised over £5 million for the first time this year.

The charity has also increased its expenditure by 3 per cent on the previous year, to £109.5m, with £89m was spent on charitable activities.

Alzheimer’s Society has now invested £50m in research since 1990.

The number of full time employees went up in the last year by 64 to 1,243, while the number of part time employees fell by 30 to 1,343.

Two members of staff received total emoluments of over £140,000 – one of which was over £150,000. Last year the highest earner earned £140,000. A total of 36 employees earned over £60,000, up from 33 the previous year.

A total of £389,000 of redundancy costs were recognised in the 2016/17 annual accounts, up from £104,000 the previous year. Of this, £273,000 was unpaid at the end of March 2017.

The charity’s chair Stephen Hill and chief executive Jeremy Hughes wrote that it had been a “landmark year for Alzheimer’s Society”.

They said: “We’ve provided people affected by dementia with more support and hope for the future than ever before. Today, fewer people face dementia alone thanks to our work, and more than ever, people are recognising the inequity that leaves people with dementia receiving less support than those with other diseases.

“We also published our New Deal on Dementia strategy, which will guide our efforts over the next five years. We distributed over 100,000 hard copies of ‘The dementia guide’, which is also available online, and in seven languages, including British Sign Language.”

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