Ian Buss

Ian Buss

Head of education and not-for-profit, Lloyds TSB Commercial

Ian Buss has worked in retail and commercial banking for over 25 years, dedicating the last seven years to the education and not-for-profit sector.

In 2009, Lloyds TSB asked Ian to head up the key market team looking after not-for-profit and education.

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Bank of England

This month Ian Buss explains the Funding for Lending Scheme and the ways it can help charities.

Reconnecting banks with customers

With banks keen to reconnect with their customers, Ian Buss tells charities to make sure that banks understand their needs.

Analysing gilts

Thinking about investing in government bonds? Ian Buss explains how they work.

Interest rate market outlook November 2012

Ian Buss provides an overview of the UK economy in 2012 and offers insights into what 2013 will hold.

Hedging against currency risk

Understanding foreign currency markets is increasingly important for charities. Ian Buss explains the key points.

Background briefing - inflation

Ian Buss explains how inflation is measured and how charities are affected by it.

Dealing with counterparty risk

Ian Buss advises charities with large cash holdings to pay closer attention to counterparty risk.

Interest rates market outlook June 2012

Ian Buss analyses the latest developments in the British economy.

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