Chris  Billington

Chris Billington

Chris Billington is a partner with the charities team at Wrigleys Solicitors LLP. He is also chair of Voluntary Action Leeds.




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Resolving charity disputes: a guide for busy people

Fallen out with a supplier? An employee? Your board? In these litigious times, some charities are finding themselves fighting off opportunistic claims and others are tempted to bring claims themselves. Sylvie Nunn and Chris Billington explain why taking a claim through a court or a tribunal is never an easy option and should rarely be your first choice.

When a charity merger goes wrong

Two charities (A and B) had held discussions about a potential merger, facilitated by their principal funder, the local council. However, after more than a year of discussions, the council cancelled further merger discussions on the basis that charity A was no longer viable.

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