Kirsty Weakley

Kirsty Weakley

Reporter , Civil Society Media Ltd from May 2011

Kirsty joined Civil Society Media in May as a reporter after completing a journalism course at Kingston University.

She has a degree in history from Swansea University where she ran a painting and decorating project helping vulnerable adults for Discovery Student Volunteering. She also lived in France for six months and speaks fluent French.

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Name and shame charities under inquiry on the Register of Charities

All late-filing charities are clearly highlighted with a bright red border around their entry on the Charity Commission’s website. Kirsty Weakley asks why charities under a Commission investigation don't face the same treatment.

Commission removes two charities from its register

The Charity Commission has removed two international development organisations from its register of charities after a three-year investigation into fraudulent grant applications.

CTG: HMRC should provide better Charities Online advice

Charity Tax Group is urging HMRC to provide more detailed advice for large charities about claiming gift aid online using their databases, to clear up areas of confusion.

Philanthropists' giving not keeping up with increase in wealth, says new research

The proportion of their wealth that philanthropists give to good causes has dropped slightly in the last year, as individuals’ giving failed to keep up with their increase in wealth, according to the second BNP Paribas Philanthropy Index.

Interesting to note that around 30,000 more people volunteered in the sector, but is this 'real volunteers' or did they have to 'volunteer' to keep food on the plate!

» Charity sector workforce grows by almost 30,000

Regulators could publish two Sorps

Charity regulators may replace the current Sorp with two separate sets of guidance when a new version is published this year, according to the head of accountancy policy at the Charity Commission.

Breast cancer charities slam 'divisive' Pancreatic Cancer Action campaign

Breast cancer charities have hit out at Pancreatic Cancer Action’s advertising campaign for using the slogan ‘I wish I had breast cancer’.

Charity Commission offices

Umbrella bodies have agreed with the Public Accounts Committee's verdict that the Charity Commission needs reform, but have hit out at its “unhelpful” and “irresponsible” language.

Cancer Research UK unveils smartphone game to help scientists find a cure for cancer

Cancer Research UK has unveiled a smartphone game that it hopes will speed up the analysis of gene data, necessary in research into cancer cures, as people play it. 

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