Kirsty Weakley

Kirsty Weakley

Reporter , Civil Society Media Ltd from May 2011

Kirsty joined Civil Society Media in May as a reporter after completing a journalism course at Kingston University.

She has a degree in history from Swansea University where she ran a painting and decorating project helping vulnerable adults for Discovery Student Volunteering. She also lived in France for six months and speaks fluent French.

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Nick O'Donohoe, CEO, Big Society Capital

Big Society Capital has announced a £10m Charity Bond Support Fund to encourage more charities into the bond market.

HSBC to close bank account of Muslim charity working in Gaza

HSBC has informed the Ummah Welfare Trust that it will close its bank accounts because the charity “now falls outside our risk appetite”.

Unicef raises £3.1m from Commonwealth Games opening ceremony appeal

Unicef raised £3.1m through text and online donations from UK viewers watching the Commonwealth Games’ opening ceremony last night.

Workfare charities set to be named after Tribunal rules against DWP

Charities that are involved in the workfare programme run by the Department for Work and Pensions look set to have their names published following the latest legal ruling on the matter.

It is vital that the voices suggesting the change are heard by the ears that need to hear it and until we understand and map that cross functional landscape, collaboration remains purely an aspiration.

» Sector needs a 'data manifesto', says leadership review

Oxfam chief executive takes part in Undercover Boss TV show

Mark Goldring, chief executive of Oxfam, went undercover to find out what it’s like on the frontline, seeing how the charity’s money is raised spent, for the Channel 4 programme Undercover Boss.

Trustees 'duped' by gift aid fraudster

A charity chief executive who fraudulently claimed £885,00 in gift aid and spent it on buying and renovating a house was able to do so because trustees regularly signed blank cheques, the Charity Commission’s regulatory case report reveals.

Macmillan holds onto top spot in charity brand index mid-year ranking

Macmillan Cancer Support has topped the mid-year rankings for YouGov’s charity brand index, which measures people’s perceptions of charities throughout the year, but the ‘buzz’ scores for the top four charities are slightly lower than their average for 2013.

Bubb to chair NHS steering group on 'co-commissioning' with the voluntary sector

Sir Stephen Bubb, chief executive of Acevo, has been appointed to chair an NHS steering group that will look at “co-commissioning” with the voluntary sector after the target for relocating Winterbourne View patients was missed.

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