Tania Mason

Tania Mason

Tania Mason is group editor at Civil Society Media.

She has been a journalist for 20-odd years and has specialised in the charity sector since 2003. Her experience has included stints on Third Sector, Marketing and PrintWeek magazines as well as agency work involving court reporting and occasional doorstepping of celebs for the tabloids. She started her career with five years on a daily newspaper in New Zealand before moving to London in 1993.

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Professor Jennie Popay, chair, the People's Health Trust

The charity that distributes the money raised by the Health Lottery has launched a new funding programme that focuses on those neighbourhoods whose inhabitants have the worst health in England, Scotland and Wales.

Robert Halfon MP

The prospect of a statute requiring charities to declare publicly how much of their income is spent on political campaigning was raised by the Public Administration Select Committee yesterday.

Guide dog puppy in harness

Guide Dogs has increased its reserves again following its deliberate move to slash them in recent years, while also growing its fundraising income by 10 per cent and accruing savings from the closure of its final salary pension scheme to new members.

Sam Younger, CEO, the Charity Commission

The Charity Commission has agreed to extend chief executive Sam Younger’s employment contract for a further year to the end of August 2014.

Congratulations to the RNLI - this only goes to prove that working on long term (and short term for that matter) legacies really pays dividends in the end.

» RNLI legacy income rises to record £118m

Salvation Army window label

Unison has criticised the Salvation Army’s plans to bring in regional pay for its homelessness hostels staff in the West Midlands, claiming the model is unfair and will put many employees at risk of losing their own homes.

Rob Wilson MP, minister for civil society

Two days after the Chancellor unveiled his latest plan to cut public spending and outsource large swathes of public services, the minister for civil society has outlined his ideas for boosting the capacity of charities and social enterprises to provide them.  Tania Mason reports.

Ed Miliband, Labour leader

The Charity Commission has warned the IPPR think tank that it “exposed itself to the perception that it supported the development of Labour Party policy” because it allowed Labour policies to be announced at the launch of one of its reports.

Nigel Farage. Image courtesy of David Ileff

A survey by Ipsos Mori for NPC about how charities are perceived by people who vote for various political parties has suggested that Ukip voters have lower levels of trust in charities than those who plan to vote for one of the three mainstream parties.

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