Tania Mason

Tania Mason

Tania Mason is group editor at Civil Society Media.

She has been a journalist for 20-odd years and has specialised in the charity sector since 2003. Her experience has included stints on Third Sector, Marketing and PrintWeek magazines as well as agency work involving court reporting and occasional doorstepping of celebs for the tabloids. She started her career with five years on a daily newspaper in New Zealand before moving to London in 1993.

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People and Culture Conference 2015

Building a better charity workplace.


Make the most out of developments in property ownership and occupation.

Shortlist is announced for Charity Awards 2015

Honour-based violence, deforestation in the Amazon, and sexual exploitation of girls by London gangs are just three of the problems being successfully tackled by charities shortlisted in this year’s Charity Awards.

Civil society reacts to 'unexpected' election result

Sector reactions to the surprising election outcome of a majority Conservative government varied hugely this morning, from “an appalling result” to “we expect great things”.

He was just so nice - an over used word, but I can only ever see Daniel with a smile on his face. Genuine, wickedly funny, intelligent, oozing with foresight and interest.

» Daniel Phelan dies, aged 58

Dr Elizabeth Vallance, chair of Ican and CEDR

Charity chairs must let the chief executive be the chief executive and not “sit on their shoulder, sucking your teeth and saying ‘that’s not how I would have done it’,” veteran boardroom chair Dr Elizabeth Vallance told an audience of trustees yesterday.

People and Culture conference now open for booking

Civil Society Media’s inaugural People and Culture conference, which aims to help charities create the best workplace environment, is now open for booking.

Learning disabilities charity Hft has entered the Charity 100 Index for the first time

Learning disability charity Hft has stormed into the Charity 100 Index this year at number 76, propelled largely by its recent merger with the national charity Care Fund.

High Court (image copyright: Chris Harvey)

Moves to evict non-disabled residents of a charity-run community village who share houses with people with learning disabilities in return for free accommodation, food and other benefits, were temporarily halted by the High Court on Friday after lawyers representing the villagers challenged the changes.

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