Shivaji Shiva

Shivaji Shiva

Senior Associate

Shivaji Shiva has over ten years' experience in the charity sector and is currently senior associate specialising in charities at Anthony Collins solicitors. Previously he has been head of charities and social enterprise at Michelmores Solicitors and a solicitor at Russell-Cooke.

He is also an active member and former Secretary of the Charity Law Association. 


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An owl cared for by the North Wales Bird Trust

Shivaji Shiva provides an overview of noteworthy charity legal cases and their implications for the sector.

Passionate views that create a boardroom chasm

Shivaji Shiva outlines a recent dispute that highlights the legal complications for charities dependent on specific beliefs.

Waging war on low pay

Compliance among charities with the National Minimum Wage is under increasing scrutiny, warns Shivaji Shiva.  

State Aid exemptions revised

Shivaji Shiva reminds organisations applying for funding from a public body to be aware of the revised exemptions under European Commission State Aid rules.

Understanding the Public Services (Social Value) Act

Shivaji Shiva summarises the key points of the Public Services (Social Value) Act.

VAT exemptions on cost sharing groups

Shivaji Shiva looks at what the Tax Tribunal's assessment of the VAT exemption for cost sharing groups could mean. 

Catholic Care is not the only fruit

While the Catholic Care case captured all the headlines, the Equality Act exemptions also have other implications, such as for use of buildings, as Shivaji Shiva and Sarah Hayes explain.

The Law Commission and social investment

Shivaji Shiva looks at the Law Commission's consultation on social investment by charities.

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