Kevin  Russell

Kevin Russell

Technical director, Stewardship from 1996

Kevin Russell has been technical director at Stewardship, a Christian charity that offers donor-advised funds, since 1996. He is a chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser.

He is vice-chair of Charity Tax Group, a member of the HMRC Charity Tax Forum and liaises with the HMRC charities policy team.

Before joining Stewardship he was a tax consultant with PriceWaterhouse, a lecturer at Middlesex University and managed his own accountancy practice.  


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Over 40 per cent of the public are not eligible for gift aid

Forty three per cent of people are not eligible for gift aid because they do not pay enough income tax, the Charity Tax Group annual conference heard yesterday.

Sector 'needs a plan B on tax relief cap'

The voluntary sector needs to be mindful of the “political reality” of the tax relief cap and come up with an alternative plan that is palatable to both the government and the sector, charity tax expert Richard Bray said last night.

Kevin Russell, vice chair of Charity Tax Group and technical director at Stewardship

The proposed cap on tax reliefs create a “huge disincentive” for anyone to give more than a quarter of their income to charity, and so is effectively a tax on giving, according to the vice-chair of Charity Tax Group.

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