John Tate

John Tate

Accountant and entrepreneur

John Tate is a qualified accountant and entrepreneur. He is a columnist for Charity Finance, a visiting lecturer at Cass Business School's Centre for Charity Effectiveness and Trustee of Eduserv. He also non executive chair of Civil Society Media.

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Transparency and the web

John Tate says the web is a real danger to charities’ reputations.

Time to Twitter?

Technology is meant to improve efficiency, says John Tate. I gave a couple of talks last month to finance directors in the commercial sector on the future of IT. In my sessions I asked two questions. Firstly, how many of you work for organisations where the senior management con-sistently replies to staff emails? Of the 100 or so delegates only 2 or 3 put their hands up.

Charity Accounting Software Survey 2009

The recession appears to be having an effect on every aspect of a charity's operations, and accounting software is no exception. Making an assessment on whether purchasing a new system is justified at present as spending is reigned in, or whether a new product could bring vital improvements to financial decisionmaking, could be crucial in the current climate. This survey will help make that call.

Crisp and crunchy

How much priority should IT projects be given in the current climate? January kicked off with considerable excitement at my home. My 18 year old daughter is in her gap year and works for a local leisure company. They have a shop on the premises that sells snacks and drinks to customers and a batch of crisps reached their sell by date at the end of the first week in January. The leisure company had a policy of giving staff any foodstuff that reached the end of its saleable life. So cometh the day the staff enjoyed a super mega feasting of crisps.

Thinning out technology

John Tate assesses the benefits of thin client technology

Cold comforts

How can IT help in a recession, wonders John Tate.

Crash course

John Tate shares his experience of upgrading to Vista.

Operating profits

John Tate reflects on the upgrade cycle.

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