John Tate

John Tate

Accountant and entrepreneur

John Tate is a qualified accountant and entrepreneur. He is a columnist for Charity Finance, special adviser to the CFG and a visiting lecturer at Cass Business School's Centre for Charity Effectiveness.

John is a special advisor to the Charity Finance Group and visiting fellow at CASS Business School.

He is also a research fellow at HFS – a leading independent global analyst authority and knowledge community for the business and IT services indus


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Cold comforts

How can IT help in a recession, wonders John Tate.

Crash course

John Tate shares his experience of upgrading to Vista.

Operating profits

John Tate reflects on the upgrade cycle.

Know your onions

John Tate shares an equation to assess CRM projects.

New age thinking

How long does IT last, John Tate asks

Executive decisions

Charities have to change their approach to IT argues John Tate.

Recipe for success

John Tate calls for IT to be simplified

Spreading the load

John Tate reviews the chequered history of spreadsheets.

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