Jane  Klauber

Jane Klauber

Jane Klauber is a partner at Russell-Cooke Solicitors, with a particular interest in employment law on behalf of the charity team. She specialises in advising charities and voluntary sector organisations on all aspects of employment law.

Before joining Russell-Cooke Jane was an employment partner at Sinclair Taylor & Martin for over eight years. She now represents clients and Russell-Cooke as a member of both the Employment Lawyers Association and the Charity Law Association.



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Substantial discretionary payment to departing chief executive

Jane Klauber explains when it is acceptable to give a departing chief executive a severance payment.

Trade unions: clarity of intention

Jane Klauber examines lessons from a recent case concerning a trade union recognition agreement. 

Charity Legal Survey 2012

In our inaugural legal survey, Diane Sim highlights the frontrunners in the charity legal market.

When trustees become personally responsible

Jane Klauber explains why two trustees were held personally liable for acts of discrimination.

What  impact has the Equality Act had for charities?

Jane Klauber and Deborah Nathan assess the impact of the Equality Act one year on.

The Equality Act 2010: implications for charities

The main provisions of the Equality Act 2010 came into force on 1 October. Jane Klauber highlights some of the consequences  for charities.

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