Jackie Mendoza

Jackie Mendoza

Jackie Mendoza is executive director of Rosa UK, the Women's Fund.

Previously, she was interim development director at the Fund and ran her own fundraising consultancy.

She has also held a development director role at Childhood First.

She has twelve years' of fundraising experience across and number of charities and seven years' in commercial sales and marketing roles.  


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Why do so few fundraisers get to be chief execs?

Old perceptions of fundraisers as a necessary evil are still holding back top fundraisers from being considered for chief executive roles. But Jackie Mendoza says fundraisers have a lot to offer

Rosa UK, the Women's Fund appoints new executive director

Jackie Mendoza has been appointed executive director of Rosa UK, the Women’s Fund. Mendoza was previously interim development director at the Fund and ran her own fundraising consultancy

Hitting the right spot

Being small doesn't mean you can't strike it rich, but it does mean you need to be methodical in your approach, says Jackie Mendoza.

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