Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones

Freelance journalist

Gareth Jones is a freelance journalist and communications consultant specialising in the charity sector. Having previously spent over seven years as a reporter and senior reporter for Charity Finance magazine and, he has developed expertise in a broad range of areas, including public policy, IT, investment, fundraising, taxation, insurance and social media.

He holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from King’s College London, and has volunteered in both the social policy team at Citizens Advice and at the Social Market Foundation think tank.

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Pooled Funds Survey 2013: Balance of power

The Charity Commission plans to relinquish control of common investment funds. Gareth Jones explores this change and the wider issues around pooled investment.

Fund managers: a controlling share

Gareth Jones investigates the way in which fund managers are embracing responsible investment.

Bringing reserves into focus

The largest 50 charities are adopting a bewildering array of approaches to their reserves policies, finds Gareth Jones.

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Cover charges: Charity insurance survey 2013

Gareth Jones looks at whether the cost of insurance is rising or falling, and discovers what charities feel are their biggest risks.

It comes to something if a charity CEO cannot go off on a pointless vanity massaging overseas jaunt without people getting shirty and jealous. He would have been letting himself and other CEOs down if he hadn't gone.

» Union angered by charity chief executive’s Prince William visit

The big squeeze:  Charity IT survey 2013

Gareth Jones finds out how charities have been maintaining IT standards in the face of tightened budgets.

Who holds the power? recently convened a group of experts to discuss the merits of centralised, federal and social-franchise corporate structures. Gareth Jones reports.

Charity VAT & Tax Conference 2012

Keep up with the charity taxation landscape as we cover a wide range of VAT issues such as memberships, sponsorships, contracts, trading and listed buildings as well as employment and corporation taxes, gift aid and cost-sharing exemptions.

Pooled funds survey 2012: Light at the end of the tunnel?

Gareth Jones assesses the pooled funds market and finds that the government may finally be addressing the regulation of CIFs.

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