Colin  Lloyd

Colin Lloyd

Colin Lloyd has chaired the Fundraising Standards Board since its launch in 2006.  He was also chair of the Direct Marketing Association from 1992 to 2001 and introduced a unified self-regulatory scheme for the direct marketing industry in 2006. He became the DMA’s first president in 1999 and continued in this position until 2001, and also served time as vice president of the Federation of Direct Marketing, the European arm for direct marketing. And he was chairman of Trust UK, responsible for internet regulation in the United Kingdom.

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Telephone fundraising complaints have risen, says the FRSB

The Fundraising Standards Board has revealed that its upcoming annual complaints report will likely show an increase in telephone fundraising complaints over last year as Trading Standards issues its first fine for a breach of the Telephone Preference Service.

FRSB membership grows, but new focus on recruiting larger charities

Some 225 mainly small organisations signed up to fundraising self-regulation last year, according to the Fundraising Standards Board's annual accounts which also show a dramatic increase in administration costs.

Door-to-door fundraising complaints more than double in two years

Complaints about door-to-door fundraising have increased more than two-and-a-half times within two years as the volume of door-to-door fundraising rose by two-fifths, according to new fundraising complaints figures.

Credit: Howard Sayer

The Public Administration Select Committee has warned the fundraising umbrella bodies to consider themselves “on notice” to improve self-regulation, particularly of face-to-face street fundraising.

FRSB rejects Cancer Research complaint by anti-F2F activist

The FRSB has thrown out a protracted complaint by an anti-face-to-face fundraising campaigner over Cancer Research UK’s disclosure of its fundraising costs and returns.

FRSB finds Tag breached fundraising code of practice

The Fundraising Standards Board has ruled that street fundraising company Tag breached the Institute of Fundraising code of fundraising practice for face-to-face activity and charity law while fundraising on behalf of Marie Curie Cancer Care in London this June.

FRSB to be fundraising regulation’s public face

The Institute of Fundraising, PFRA and Fundraising Standards Board have agreed that the FRSB will be put forward as the official public face for fundraising complaints following a challenge set forth by Lord Hodgson to simplify the system.

Charity adverts causing offence to 'many'

Many people feel charity advertisements go too far in portraying distressing images and situations, or in making them feel guilty for not donating, according to a report for the Advertising Standards Authority.

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