Colin Laidlaw

Colin Laidlaw

Associate director, Baker Tilly

Colin leads the provision of VAT advice to Baker Tilly's charity and not-for-profit clients. 

He has 20+ years experience in indirect tax both at HMRC and in practice, and has worked with a whole range of different charities on their diverse and often complex VAT issues. 

Before joining Baker Tilly he was a senior manager (VAT) at BDO.

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HMRC creates property taskforce

HMRC is targeting VAT evasion on properties. Colin Laidlaw explains its intentions.

Cost-sharing exemption

The draft 2012 Finance Act's impact on cost-sharing groups is confirmed. Colin Laidlaw outlines some of HMRC's other plans for the Act.

The VAT Cost Sharing Exemption Consultation explained

After a long delay HMRC has finally issued its consultation on how the cost sharing exemption, that is permitted under Article 132(1)(f) of the EU VAT Directive, could be introduced into UK legislation. Colin Laidlaw explains.

Colin Laidlaw, VAT senior manager at BDO

Colin Laidlaw details the result of Reed Employment's recent VAT challenge, which has ramifications for charities employing temporary staff.

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