Charles Nall

Charles Nall

Charles Nall is corporate services director at the Children’s Society, which he had joined in 2006 as finance and administration director.

However, in September 2010 he will start a new job as finance director of Moorfields Eye Hospital.  Part of this role will involve overseeing the finances at the Hospital's charity, Moorfields Lions Korle Bu Trust, which aims to reduce blindness in west Africa.

Prior to his work with the Children’s Society, he achieved an MBA at Cranfield University and was assistant director at the Wolfson Foundation. He also worked at the NSPCC and was integral to the establishment of CharITyshare, the consortium IT venture jointly owned by the NSPCC, the Children’s Society, and the Alzheimer’s Society.

He is chairman of CFDG and will remain so even after he changes jobs.


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