Celina Ribeiro

Celina Ribeiro

Commissioning editor, Fundraising magazine, Civil Society Media

Celina is the commissioning editor of Fundraising Magazine and contributor to Civil Society News. She has been at the publication since June 2008.

Previously Celina worked as a freelance feature writer for newspapers and magazines in Australia and the UK, working for publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the New Statesman. Celina was also a Ken and Yasuko Myer Fellow in 2004, which saw her intern at Manilla-based newspaper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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Analysis: Beneath the charity CEO salary scandal - what the figures show

Following yesterday’s exposé of the salaries at the 14 aid charities which make up the Disasters Emergency Committee, Celina Ribeiro investigates the charities' accounts and finds a more nuanced story.

I agree with William Shawcross: Charity pay should be ‘proportionate’

William Shawcross is right. Charity executive pay should be proportionate and fair. In fact, it already is. Celina Ribeiro argues that the scandal is that this 'scandal' will deter good leaders from the charity sector.

All charities should show proof of legacy fundraising, says Legacy 10

Legacy fundraising should be made a requirement of Charity Commission registration, according to the Legacy 10 campaign group.

Face-to-face 'stabbed in the back' by the fundraising community, says Aldridge

Face-to-face fundraising is sick of being “constantly stabbed in the back” by members of the fundraising community and needs charities to stand up for it, Public Fundraising Regulatory Association’s chief Mick Aldridge said today in a stinging attack on the sector’s reticence to defend the practice.

You won't attract many male volunteers as long as you have that "W" at the beginning of your name. Change your name, drop the word women and use the promotion of your new name and image to attract men to your organisation.

» WRVS launches manhunt for male volunteers

Charities mailing each others’ supporters in the millions

Royal Mail figures released to civilsociety.co.uk show for the first time the extent to which some charity donors are being bombarded with mail by organisations keen to win or retain their support over the busy Christmas and New Year period.

PFRA: Fundraising at 'no cold calling' homes is illegal

The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association yesterday warned face-to-face fundraisers that it is illegal to knock on doors with ‘no cold calling’ stickers displayed, refuting argument from some fundraisers that charities are exempt from this regulation.

Charities have right to fundraise how they want, says Institute

The Institute of Fundraising board has adopted an official position statement which defends the right of charities to invest in legitimate fundraising for whatever return they feel is good for their organisation.

Will the female charity leaders PLEASE stand up?

If female leaders are too modest to identify themselves how will we ever get more women into top jobs? Celina Ribeiro says top women in charities need to stand up, literally.

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