Alistair McLean

Alistair McLean

Chief executive, Fundraising Standards Board from 2009

Prior to his appointment as chief executive at the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) Alistair was chief executive of the National Greyhound Racing Club, the self-regulatory arm of the greyhound racing industry, where he dealt with a large and diverse stakeholder group including government, welfare organisations and many related charities.

Before this he worked at an advisory firm and in the professional sports sector in both the commercial and regulatory areas of the industry.

Alistair graduated from Manchester University and initially went into the FMCG sector specialising in marketing and retailing. He also completed a full-time MBA at Bradford Business School in 1990.


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Alistair McLean, chief executive of FRSB

The London Prevent Network, part of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, and the Metropolitan Police have today launched a safer giving campaign after concerns about fraudulent fundraising and charity collections used to fund terrorism.   

Charity ads placed under scrutiny by advertising regulator

The Advertising Standards Authority is reviewing its approach to regulating charity ads, whereby charities are given more leeway to use sensitive and upsetting content, in response to public concern about messages from charities.

Cause for complaint: The FRSB fundraising complaints report unpicked

Being accountable for charity fundraising is rarely an easy task. Donors are increasingly discerning, raising questions about the most controversial aspects of what fundraisers do and they expect answers. By Alistair McLean.

Who's top dog? Fundraising's 50 Most Influential 2013

The fundraisers have spoken. The annual poll of the fundraising world’s 50 Most Influential people is revealed.

I don't think that the FRSB or the PFRA should be part of the IoF. But then I don't think the Institute ever gave a rationale for why they sent them off to be seperate in the first place. Maybe if we understood that, we could understand why Paul thinks it would be a good idea to have them back.

» Paul Amadi suggests PFRA and FRSB should merge back into the Institute

FRSB begins auditing fundraising compliance

The Fundraising Standards Board has begun investigating charities with high levels of self-reported fundraising complaints in the first of a two-stage process to strengthen fundraising self-regulation.

Accountability in fundraising

Confidence will flourish, believes Alistair McLean, when charities are seen to take responsibility for their actions.

Bogus charity collector jailed for 13 months

A man who orchestrated a scheme of bogus charity collections has been sentenced to 13 months prison.

FRSB to investigate causes of complaints about doorstep and email fundraising

The Fundraising Standard’s Board report for 2012 will focus on the causes of complaints about doorstep and email fundraising.

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