Alison McKenna

Alison McKenna

Alison McKenna was appointed the first president of the Charity Tribunal in 2008, having qualified as a barrister in 1988.

She has extensive experience in the charity sector, previously holding the role of partner and head of the charities department at Wilsons.

She has also worked as a legal adviser for the Charity Commission and the Registrar of Criminal Appeals.



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Alison McKenna

Alison McKenna, principal judge at the Charity Tribunal, lists the range of free legal advice available for charities and voluntary groups around the country. 

Charity Commission removes Galloway spokesman from Viva Palestina accounts order

The Charity Commission has withdrawn a requirement for Ron McKay, spokesman for Respect Party MP George Galloway, to file accounts for Viva Palestina, a Middle East aid charity which Galloway set up in 2009.

Timings for Charity Commission decision appeals clarified

The Charity Commission has provided some clarity as to the timeframe for charities planning to appeal its decisions to the Charity Tribunal.

Alison McKenna, president of the Charity Tribunal

The review of the Charities Act should re-examine the way that Attorney General’s references play out in the sector, according to Charity Tribunal president Alison McKenna.

Public benefit guidance causes Commission to 'micro-manage' trustees, claims ISC

The Charity Commission’s guidance on public benefit inevitably leads it to “second-guess and micro-manage trustees” about how to run their charity, in a way that is contrary to the law governing the regulator’s role and remit, tribunal judges heard this morning.

High Court

Two of the three tribunal judges that will hear the case on public benefit of independent schools were themselves privately educated, but do not think that private schools are the “best thing since sliced bread”, lead judge Mr Justice Warren said today.

Alison McKenna

Judge Alison McKenna runs through the ins and outs of the judicial process in relation to the recent public benefit review of independent schools.

McKenna urges review of Charity Tribunal's role and remit

Alison McKenna, the principal judge of the Charity Tribunal, has attacked the preference of many charity lawyers to settle disputes through the Charity Commission’s internal review process rather than through the Tribunal, saying it adds unnecessary expense for the charities involved and thwarts the original intent for the Tribunal to help evolve case law.

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