Environmentally-friendly printing - is it possible?

Environmentally-friendly printing - is it possible? 1

25 May 2016

SaxoPrint highlights how environmentally-friendly printing products and affordability for charities need not be mutually exclusive.


Environmentally-friendly printing - is it possible?

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Chris Sherwood

Boards must engage with digital services or their organisation may be left behind, says Chris Sherwood.

Time for finance leaders to get involved with social media?

Rohan Hewavisenti suggests why more finance directors should join Twitter.

Want to succeed in finance and IT? Focus on people, not processes

Robina Chatham reflects on how she lost sight of the importance of people skills.

The digital challenge is easier to master than you think

As discussion abounds on charities’ ability to adapt to the digital age, Kelley Temple, senior campaigns officer at CAF, explains why the answer might be under our noses.

Don't forget about security risks when considering digital transformation

Tom Kington warns against making it easier for staff to access systems from tablet devices without considering the security risks.

Rowenna Fielding

Rowenna Fielding explains why IT business analysts can be critical to the smooth running of a charity IT department.

 Social Charity Spy: Charities want everyone to #BeLikeBill

This week social media was all about a stick man called Bill who was doling out helpful common sense advice. There was no shortage of charities suggesting people be smart “like Bill”, including British Heart Foundation, Pancreatic Cancer Action and Macmillan.

Social Charity Spy: Penguins, penguins, penguins

This week London Zoo live streamed video of its animals to cheer everyone up on Blue Monday, and lots of charities got really into #PenguinAwarenessDay.

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So farewell then, Sir Stephen

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Sir Stephen Bubb’s work at Acevo is a reminder of why mergers are not always a good thing, says Gareth...

How finance directors save lives

23 May 2016

Mark Salway urges charities to think carefully about business models - and social investment in particular...

Questions remain about social impact bonds

23 May 2016

The government has committed a lot of money to social impact bonds, but there are serious issues with...