John Tate

John Tate

Accountant and entrepreneur

John Tate is a qualified accountant and entrepreneur. He is a columnist for Charity Finance, special adviser to the CFG and a visiting lecturer at Cass Business School's Centre for Charity Effectiveness.

John is a special advisor to the Charity Finance Group and visiting fellow at CASS Business School.

He is also a research fellow at HFS – a leading independent global analyst authority and knowledge community for the business and IT services indus


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Why charities should care about the new Microsoft boss

John Tate wonders whether Microsoft’s new CEO can revive the company’s flagging fortunes.

Big data - It’s still all about the people

New technology has made big data analysis possible, but John Tate warns that its success still depends on having good people and good processes in place.

Tripped up by technology

If your new technology doesn’t work, you are probably the reason why, advises John Tate.

Time for a new accounting system?

There are plenty of new products around if you are thinking of replacing your accounting system, advises John Tate.

Blowing the whistle

Technology is driving the transparency agenda and charities ignore it at their peril, warns John Tate. 

Tablets: the end of an era?

John Tate asks whether the inexorable rise of the tablet will spell the end for the humble PC.

History repeating itself

Is the IT boom running out of steam? What will the next big breakthrough be? John Tate asks the questions.

Learning or loafing on the internet?

Spending more time on the internet can help you understand new technology, but would that just be ‘cyberloafing’? John Tate sets the challenge.

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