App-solutely fabulous: Charities embrace the smartphone generation

App-solutely fabulous: Charities embrace the smartphone generation

App-solutely fabulous: Charities embrace the smartphone generation2

IT | Kirsty Weakley | 15 Mar 2012

The introduction of tablet computers and smartphones has paved the way for an unprecedented opportunity for charities to inform, fundraise and campaign in all sorts of creative ways - the app.

Here at we've brought together some of the highs (and lows) of the last 18 months and present to you our rolling news on all the latest app developments in the sector.


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British Heart Foundation
3 Nov 2011

Great list, you may also be interested in the BHF mobile application which launched over a year ago with 10s of thousands of downloads. It is a healthy recipe finder application.

Find out more:

Kirsty Weakley
4 Nov 2011
Response to [Roberto]

Thanks for letting us know. It looks good.


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