Social Charity Spy: Dogs Trust unveils emoji keyboard for dogs

Social Charity Spy: Dogs Trust unveils emoji keyboard for dogs

28 Aug 2015

This week the Dogs Trust launched its own emoji keyboard while the Barnardo's retail team started a fashion blog.


Social Charity Spy: Dogs Trust unveils emoji keyboard for dogs

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Social Charity Spy: Cancer Research UK partners with Metro to say 'thank you'

This week Cancer Research UK partnered with the Metro newspaper to feature messages from people affected by cancer thanking those who helped them.

Social Charity Spy: Charities whip up some delights for #GBBO

This week we look at some of the charities who got involved with Bake Off, there were a lot of cake puns but fortunately no soggy bottoms.

Social Charity Spy: Lion Aid responds to social media outcry over Cecil

This week we highlight how Lion Aid responded to the social media outcry over the death of Cecil the lion and how Mencap celebrated friendship.

Social Charity Spy: War Child launches Duty of Care campaign

This week War Child has launched a thought provoking video and a number of conservation organisations have been using Twitter to campaign on European law.

2025 and now: The three ways your charity can make the leap to digital working

Charities need to embrace digital now or they will suffer in the future. George Horgan, who is on the Charityworks graduate scheme, explains how they can do so.

Social Charity Spy: Children’s Society, WWF, Macmillan and more celebrate World Emoji Day

Emojis, those digital icons using an image to express a thought, have gone mainstream and got their own ‘day’. WWF, Macmillan Cancer Support and Children’s Society are among the charities joining in to raise awareness of their causes and campaigns today.

John Tate

John Tate reviews the latest developments in accounting software but doubts whether they will deliver the systems integration charities require.

Social Charity Spy: Macmillan jumps on #Wimbledon, while hospices say they are #NotDingy

This week Macmillan is highlighting testicular cancer through#Wimbledon and charities are explaining that hospices are #NotDingy.

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