Don't forget about security risks when considering digital transformation

Don't forget about security risks when considering digital transformation

3 Mar 2016

Tom Kington warns against making it easier for staff to access systems from tablet devices without considering the security risks.


Don't forget about security risks when considering digital transformation

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The digital challenge is easier to master than you think

As discussion abounds on charities’ ability to adapt to the digital age, Kelley Temple, senior campaigns officer at CAF, explains why the answer might be under our noses.

Rowenna Fielding

Rowenna Fielding explains why IT business analysts can be critical to the smooth running of a charity IT department.

 Social Charity Spy: Charities want everyone to #BeLikeBill

This week social media was all about a stick man called Bill who was doling out helpful common sense advice. There was no shortage of charities suggesting people be smart “like Bill”, including British Heart Foundation, Pancreatic Cancer Action and Macmillan.

Social Charity Spy: Penguins, penguins, penguins

This week London Zoo live streamed video of its animals to cheer everyone up on Blue Monday, and lots of charities got really into #PenguinAwarenessDay.

Social Charity Spy: Alan Rickman voices charity appeal film before his death

A video voiced by actor Alan Rickman before his death yesterday is raising money for charity with every view, and Guide Dogs UK pay a visit to the set of Ricky Gervais's new film.

Social Charity Spy: Terrence Higgins Trust launch #TossOff campaign

The Terrence Higgins Trust has launched the #TossOff fundraising campaign while Cancer Research UK is urging people to give up alcohol. Elsewhere the National Deaf Children’s Society is all over Star Wars with videos showing how key phrases could be signed.

Christmas campaign: Send a Cow's hidden world of Panto Cow farms

For the first day of Civil Society Media’s 12 Days of Christmas, we feature a Christmas campaign from Send a Cow. Rate the campaign to win a free place at one of our events.

Social Charity Spy: Charities and #BlackFriday

This week Spy looks at how charities have engaged with #BlackFriday and how Plan UK worked with a dating app.

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