How to be an effective fundraising leader
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How to be an effective fundraising leader

7 Jul 2015 | Fundraising | Alan Gosschalk

It’s tough at the top. 50 Most Influential People in Fundraising hall-of-famer Alan Gosschalk gives tips on how to be an effective fundraising leader.


How to be an effective fundraising leader

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Finding new legal advisers

As a matter of good governance, it is prudent for a charity to review from time to time whether it is being well served by its legal advisers. It is important that charities obtain advice from specialists who are experts in charity law and who are sympathetic to both the altruistic purposes and commercial needs of the charity.

See you in court?

We live in increasingly litigious times. David Unwin of the Charity Commission advises on what steps to take if your charity is considering starting litigation or is defending litigation brought by others.

Getting to grips with performance reporting

It's a fact of life that people expect more and more information about how charities are performing, and it's both pointless and a missed opportunity to avoid the issue.

Self-regulation funding agreed

The Home Office and Scottish Executive have come together to provide £840,625 first-year funding for the initiation of a UK-wide self-regulatory scheme for fundraising.

The challenge isn't with telephone fundraising, direct mail or 'chugging' per se. The challenge is treating donors as people worthy of respect.

» It's time to cut telephone fundraisers some slack

Funding for hubs confirmed

The home office has confirmed funding of £16.5 million for six national hubs of expertise over the next two years.

talentSTAR registered as first CIC

On 11 August, talentSTAR become the first company in the UK to beapproved as a Community Interest Company.

Model powers of delegation policy

This model document is written for those charitable companies in England and Wales with established boards of trustees which employ a senior management team and delegate significant, specific functions. all model documents should be tailored to the needs of individual organisations.

SORP and SIR burst onto the scene

April 2005 saw some important changes in financial regulation in the charity sector with the introduction of the new Charities' Statement of Recommended Practice and the introduction of the summary information return.

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