Peter Vicary-Smith, chief executive of Which

Which? spent almost 7 per cent of its income on senior pay 1

31 Oct 2014 | Finance | Kirsty Weakley

Consumers charity Which? spent just under 7 per cent of its total income on senior staff salaries, with its chief executive earning up to £340,000, according to its recently published annual accounts.


Which? spent almost 7 per cent of its income on senior pay

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It takes all sorts: the many faces of charity chairs

Richard Gutch interviewed the chairs of 17 different charities earlier this year. Their organisations cover children, disabled people, health and social care, and have turnovers ranging from £2.5m to £220m. What have the diversity adviser at Rampton Secure Hospital, the leader of Westminster Council, the former chief executive (CE) of Network Rail and a former army recruit got in common?

Developing an effective committee structure

In autumn 2008, the board of the Nationwide Foundation faced a big agenda, including a new programme strategy, tackling complex governance issues and running normal business. Here John Kingston takes us through their action plan.

Know your board committees and sub-committees' limitations

It is often assumed that charities can create committees and delegate powers to them as necessary. However, the rules governing the use of committees are stricter than many charities realise and the creation, operation and accountability of committees vary according to their structure and purpose.

Post-election: Boards and charities must adapt

Only time can tell if the voting public has got it right in this year's election but Baroness Pitkeathley says whatever the outcome, change is abound within the sector.

Surely a more accurate one-line representation of this study is that 6 out of 10 people DO stop for charity fundraisers?

» Four in ten UK residents walk away from charity fundraisers

Prepare for disaster

Being properly prepared when disaster strikes can make all the difference - and save lives, says Jay Patel.

Home Secretary and Justice Secretary in High Court over refugee charity collapse

Asylum-seeker clients of Refugee and Migrant Justice are taking the Justice and Home Secretaries to court in a bid to force the government to stump up close to £1m to cover the costs of transferring their legal cases to other lawyers.

Charity soap opera, episode three: Overtaken by events

This is the third instalment in a charity ‘soap’ written by Shirley Otto, governance specialist.

Oxfam finds the key to transparency and openness

Joss Saunders, company secretary of Oxfam, describes his big governance issue – increasing its accountability.

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