2014 London Marathon on track to beat the £53m raised last year

2014 London Marathon on track to beat the £53m raised last year

18 Apr 2014 | Fundraising | Jenna Pudelek

The 2014 London Marathon is on track to raise more than £53m for good causes and break the Guinness World Record for the most charity fundraising at a single annual event for the eighth year running.


2014 London Marathon on track to beat the £53m raised last year

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British Red Cross releases £200,000 to help Haiti

The British Red Cross has released nearly a quarter of a million pounds from its disaster fund to ensure immediate help is given to victims of the Haiti disaster.

Sector's best-case scenario: cuts of 'hundreds of millions', says CFDG report

The most optimistic scenario for the voluntary sector in the next public spending round is overall funding cuts of “hundreds of millions if not billions” of pounds, whichever party gets into power, according to a new report by CFDG.

Glass workshop, a real-time case study of video

One new site that’s launched this week and is already generating a fair bit of interest is the Glass Workshop. It was built by the charity agency Whitewater, who are working with the charity SolarAid to try and “prove the power of inspirational donor feedback”.

Public donations will never go into NHS budget, declares minister

Health minister Phil Hope told the House of Commons yesterday that charitable donations made to hospital fundraising campaigns will never become part of general NHS budgets.

Tory MPs hate the voluntary sector because they cannot control it or subvert it as an alternative and independent source of thinking and action on social issues.

» Organisations which spend more on campaigning than field work shouldn't be charities, MP says

Woodland Trust among first to use free Microsoft maps technology

The Woodland Trust has begun a project which will see the overhaul of its interactive woodland mapping system, and will eventually map all of the UK’s 22,000 publicly accessible sections of woodland.

Green, silk with chantilly lace.....

Asking a female the colour of her bra in real life may result in angry or startled faces, however, it appears that the online world has ditched such social decorum and is revealing all, in the name of raising awareness for breast cancer.

Christian Aid integrates fundraising and campaigning

Christian Aid will integrate its fundraising and campaigning operations in an effort to treat supporters more holistically.

Arts funding falls 7 per cent in a year

Donations to the arts fell by 7 per cent last financial year, declining nearly equally across individual, corporate and trust fundraising streams.

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