Nesta was 'forced' to fund Big Society Network, says former trustee

Nesta was 'forced' to fund Big Society Network, says former trustee 2

22 Jul 2014 | Governance | Tania Mason

Former Nesta trustee Liam Black tweeted this morning that Nesta was “forced” to fund Big Society Network.


Nesta was 'forced' to fund Big Society Network, says former trustee

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Global economy yet to find 'the new normal'

Markets will not normalise until 2011 or 2012, with 2010 set to continue to be a year of “transition and discovery”, according to Janet Henry, an economist at HSBC.

Protect your reputation, warns Newton from the Charity Investment Forum

Environmental, social and governance issues are important to consider when investing to protect your reputation and ensure your investment’s sustainability, according to Gemma Woodward, fund manager at Newton Investment Management.

Inflation, investments and elections: Gazing into the crystal ball

BBC broadcaster Adam Shaw buttonholed charity investment experts from CCLA, Newton and GAM on the future economic outlook in a spirited panel session at the Charity Investment Forum 2010.

A matter of life and death

I've been struck this week by two developments about the way we view our mortality and our money. On Tuesday, the King's Fund published a report on the future of social care funding - a current political hot potato. Securing good care for more people updates the review of social care led by Sir Derek Wanless and published by the Fund in 2006.

Congratulations to the RNLI - this only goes to prove that working on long term (and short term for that matter) legacies really pays dividends in the end.

» RNLI legacy income rises to record £118m

Tory MP implies they've already won

Garreth Spillane is blogging from the Acevo Conservative summit. In his first blog from the afternoon session he reports on Philip Hammond's address.

'Not a morning that will set the world alight, but a good showing'

Garreth Spillane is blogging today from Acevo's Conservative Summit. Here he summarises the morning session

Rivalry in advertising will help no charities

New codes of practice relating to advertising mean that charities could soon be running campaigns comparing ourselves favourably against direct competitors, but the sector deserves more than cheap shots.

Catholic adoption agencies can turn away gay couples, rules High Court

Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds) has won its High Court case against the Charity Commission, opening up the prospect that it will be able to continue to exclude gay couples from using its adoption services.

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