Civil Society Media's Carys Pugh takes part in the #icebucketchallenge

1 in 10 Brits have donated to charity because of #icebucketchallenge

12 Sep 2014 | Fundraising | Kirsty Weakley

One-sixth of Britons say that they have taken part in an ice bucket challenge, while one in ten said they donated to charity as a result of the challenge, according to a new poll out today.


1 in 10 Brits have donated to charity because of #icebucketchallenge

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Charity Awards 2010: Research, Advice and Support

FANY – Princess Royal’s Volunteer Corps, Asylumn Aid and Eighteen and Under have been selected for the shortlist in the Charity Awards 2010 research, advice and support category

Charity Awards 2010 Shortlist: Arts, Culture and Heritage

The Churches Conservation Trust, Rhythms of the World and Artworks Creative Communties are shorlisted in the Arts, Culture and Heritage category for the Charity Awards 2010.

Disclosing expenses

Charities need to get expense disclosures right in their accounts, says Ray Jones.

The impact of equality

Charities need to carefully consider the impact that the Equality Act 2010 will have on their activities, says Ewa Holender.

"Stick to their knitting". Who on earth do you think you are Mr Newmark. You've probably just plummeted the Conservative Party so far down the polls they'll never recover.

» Brooks Newmark: charities should keep out of politics

Institute, stay true to your guns on Right to Ask

Fundraisers are 'right to ask', and the Institute of Fundraising needs to take this message to the public, says Adrian Beney.

University fundraising tops £500m

UK universities secured over £511m in philanthropic gifts in 2008-09, up from £430m in 2007-08, according to this year’s Ross-CASE survey on higher education philanthropic income.

Big Give match fund aims for £20m

The Big Give is launching another massive match funding scheme this year, partnering with sector specific organisations to raise a target of £20m for charities before Christmas.

Catholic Care debate reactions

Civil Society received a number of heartfelt responses to the recent 'Once a Catholic' article published following the intense media coverage of child abuse among Catholic clergy. Here is what some of our readers had to say...

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