Islamic Relief income grows to almost £100m

Islamic Relief income grows to almost £100m

12 Oct 2015 | Finance | David Ainsworth

Islamic Relief Worldwide saw its income rise to almost £100m in the year to December 2014, with a surge in voluntary giving more than cancelling out a large drop in institutional donations.


Islamic Relief income grows to almost £100m

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John Hemming

Rules on gift aid and benefits given to donors are too complex and in need of reform, charity tax and finance professionals have said in their response to a government consultation.

Commission will consider recovering costs from charities for time wasted on tribunal appeals

Appeals to the Charity Tribunal are causing pressure on the Charity Commission’s time and resources and the regulator may seek to recover costs from charities as a result, a Charity Law Association conference heard last week.

If all your money comes from government, should you be called a charity?

Delegates at the Conservative Party conference heard that organisations funded by government should not be called charities. David Ainsworth examines the arguments.

Kids Company accused of tax avoidance scheme

The Mail on Sunday has claimed that Kids Company gave more than £700,000 tax-free to 25 employees in 2014.

The move to longer term funding is great; this is one of the biggest complaints we get from the young people that we work with; they often ask "why is it that as soon as they get a project/activity that we like and benefit from, it gets taken away."

» Paul Hamlyn Foundation unveils new grants strategy

Charities must show urgent action on fundraising reform

John Low, chief executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, says the sector needs to act quickly and come together to reform the culture of how organisations communicate with the public.

Kevin Gardiner speaking at the Charity Finance Summit 2015 last week

Growth is the norm, not the exception, and charity investors bet against it at their peril, delegates at last week’s Charity Finance Summit heard.

Why the personal touch can be profitable in corporate partnerships

Breast Cancer Care’s 18-year partnership with BHS raised more in the last 12 months than in the previous three years combined. Sara Rees and Hannah Sanders explain that the personal touch made for a better and more profitable relationship.

Who would be a fundraiser these days?

With so few people prepared to defend the charity brand over the summer, Lisa Clavering wonders who would still want to be a fundraiser. 

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