Effective oversight: the role of the auditor post-Kids Company

Effective oversight: the role of the auditor post-Kids Company

1 Jul 2016 | Finance | Alice Sharman

The collapse of Kids Company has led to considerable debate about the conduct of charity auditors. Alice Sharman looks at the nature of the role and how it is evolving.


Effective oversight: the role of the auditor post-Kids Company

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Fundraising Regulator rejected by Scotland in favour of self-regulation

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations has rejected extending the remit of the Fundraising Regulator to Scotland, instead recommending that greater responsibility for regulating fundraising be placed on charities themselves.

 #GivingTuesday launches 2016 campaign with new branding and toolkit

#GivingTuesday, the annual day of giving, has launched with new branding and a new set of resources to help charities take advantage of it.

Is your risk register a complete waste of time?

Jonathan Orchard, partner at Sayer Vincent, talks about why charities need to re-think their risk policies.

Free counter fraud guide launched for charities

Charity Finance Group and PKF Littlejohn have launched a new guide to help charities proactively counter fraud.

To encourage the sector’s HR Directors to offer opportunities to younger people is not in any way undervaluing the importance and significance of older workers.

» Reduce the age of your workforce to get more fresh ideas, NCVO conference told

Charity tax relief tops £5bn, but Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme still not working

The value of tax relief for charities and individual donors rose to £5.14bn in the year to March 2016, according to figures published today by HM Revenue & Customs.

A huge risk to international charities' financial security has just been averted

Adam Pickering, international policy manager for CAF, explains why a change to financial regulations is so significant for charities.

Changes to global standard mean charities no longer assumed to be high risk

A policy which required banks to assume that international charities were at high risk of being used to finance terrorism has been revised to clarify that that is not the case.

Scotland the brave: self-regulation trumps independent regulation north of the border

Scotland’s decision to essentially go it alone on fundraising self-regulation is hardly surprising. The bigger question is what the decision is going to mean for the rest of the UK and large, cross-border charities, writes Hugh Radojev.

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