Charities aiming for mediocrity

Charities aiming for mediocrity 1

16 Apr 2014 | Fundraising | Tobin Aldrich

Too many charities use the economy as an excuse for not growing income. Tobin Aldrich wonders if they lack ambition.


Charities aiming for mediocrity

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National Bullying Helpline row highlights dangers of celebrities

This year, the anti-bullying sector has inadvertently shone a spotlight on the issue of celebrity patrons.

Chocolate cheese clock anyone?

Charities can capitalise on cases of mistaken identity, just like Swiss who pass off cuckoo clocks as their own.

Election 2010 looms and the future is tense

Charities think it may be warmer under the old comfort blanket than wrapped up in a new duvet, says Ian Allsop.

New notepad from Apple

An Apple a day may not keep the doctor away, says John Tate.

My understanding is that the title of chairman is not gender specific. The 'man' in chairman originates from the word mandate as the mandate to chair a meeting.

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The Charity Commission's online register needs a review

The Charity Commission's implicit approval of charity accounts by virtue of posting them on its website without checking them first, is a threat to public trust in charities, says Dorothy Dalton

Lessons for the sector after the election - by Diana Aviv

This is the full text of Diana Aviv's speech to the NCVO 2010 Annual Conference

New media whizz: Spring 2010

In the first of a regular new column on new media, Rob Dyson of Whizz Kidz looks at how to measure your success at social networking.

Is NCVO aiming too high on volunteering?

NCVO launched its election manifesto at its annual conference yesterday, and the call for all workers to be given five days paid time off in order to volunteer seems rather unrealistic.

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