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Film of the week: Why are bumblebees so important?

22 Aug 2014 | Fundraising | Emily Corfe
Tags: Films

Celebrities from LA to London used their mobile phones to film a series of impassioned selfie shorts to save the bees in this week's film of the week.


Film of the week: Why are bumblebees so important?

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Cuts may prove to be a vital wake-up call to charities

Andy Williamson explores why the forthcoming cuts should be welcomed by the sector.

Capital Gains Tax rise is not boon for major donor philanthropy

Increasing the tax for the rich will not mean they will start giving away more money to charity, says Adrian Beney.

How to mount a defence against a tabloid press obsessed with high pay

Pay is the new expenses. Tania Mason offers three key messages charities could use when the media puts the sector in the spotlight in its campaign against high pay.

Are there civil society parallels in the UK Corporate Governance Code?

Given the impact of failures in corporate governance on the global economy, interest in how to enhance governance and leadership has taken a front seat. As a new regime comes into private sector governance, Tesse Akpeki explores parallels in the voluntary and community governance world.

Has the taxpayer gained? I don't think so - the small savings to the Treasury (after the redundancy costs) are far outweighed by the damaging consequences of an under-resourced charity regulator.

» The cuts don't work

When is a duck not a duck?

Our regular pension blogger David Davison investigates whether the collapse of Refugee and Migrant Justice has infected any charity 'multi-employer' pension schemes.

And the winner is...

Not many things will silence a room hundreds-deep with half-drunk fundraisers, but Lindsay Boswell taking to the podium and announcing "we made a mistake tonight is one of them, says Celina Ribeiro.

Transparency is not just about cost

Charities must be prepared to be open not just about costs, but about what they have achieved, argues Tris Lumley.

Data is great, insights are a hell of a lot better

Jonathon Grapsas is preparing for next week's Institute of Fundraising National Convention, where fundraisers might be challenged about incentive-led direct marketing and - his old favourite - data.

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