Why I didn’t accept an ice bucket challenge

Why I didn’t accept an ice bucket challenge 3

1 Sep 2014 | Fundraising | Kirsty Weakley

With one survey out last week indicating that more than half of the people taking part in the #icebucketchallenge did not go on to donate, Kirsty Weakley asks whether it's time for charities to cool their enthusiasm for the craze.


Why I didn’t accept an ice bucket challenge

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The £200m increase in aid to Afghanistan demonstrates the futility of ring-fencing funding and disrespects the entire history of governmental international aid, says Celina Ribeiro.

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I left fundraising after 15 years, and an obsession with outcome measuring above and beyond the immediate impact (oh, and one with "sustainability") played a large part.

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Pay is the new expenses. Tania Mason offers three key messages charities could use when the media puts the sector in the spotlight in its campaign against high pay.

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