Olive Cooke’s data sold or traded 43 times by charities, claims Independent

Olive Cooke’s data sold or traded 43 times by charities, claims Independent 1

26 Nov 2015 | Fundraising | David Ainsworth

Olive Cooke, the 92-year-old poppy seller whose suicide triggered a crisis in fundraising regulation, had her details sold on or traded at least 43 times by charities, according to an Independent article.


Olive Cooke’s data sold or traded 43 times by charities, claims Independent

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Over 40 per cent of people less likely to donate because of ‘aggressive fundraising’ stories, study says

Over 40 per cent of adults say they are less likely to give to charity after reading recent stories of “aggressive fundraising” tactics in national newspapers, according to a poll published today.

Charity Technology Conference roundup: less about technology, more about people

Kirsty Weakley rounds up the learning from the Charity Technology Conference, and finds it was less about new gadgets or apps, and more about the people whose lives they change.

Sue Ryder shops offer Black Friday discounts

Sue Ryder is trialling ‘Black Friday’ discounting in some of its shops this weekend for the first time, and is believed to be among the first charity retailers to take part.

Groundwork UK

Groundwork UK has seen its income fall by £6.5m in the year to March 2015 - and by more than £54m since the start of the decade - according to its latest accounts.

Charities already register with the Charity Commission; the FRSB costs money that many small charities, doing God's and often the government's work, can ill afford; Olive Cooke did not kill herself over charity solicitations.

» Peers propose that all fundraising charities must register with the FRSB

George Osborne

The Independent and Evening Standard saw donations to their charity Christmas appeals double yesterday, after an announcement by Chancellor George Osborne in yesterday’s spending review.

Charity Commission sees budget frozen at £20m

The Charity Commission will see its budget frozen until 2020, according to figures published in today's spending review, in a move its chair suggested could increase pressure on charities to fund the regulator.

Office for Civil Society to reduce headcount but receive £80m for social impact bonds

The Office for Civil Society will be forced to cut staff levels but will have responsibility for distributing £80m of new funding for social impact bonds, according to today's spending review.

National Citizen Service to serve 300,000 a year and cost £1.1bn by 2020

The government will expand the National Citizen Service, its flagship youth volunteering scheme, to serve 300,000 participants a year in 2020, at an estimated cost of £1.1bn over the course of the Parliament.

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