Charity sector criticises draft guidance on warnings power

Charity sector criticises draft guidance on warnings power

23 Sep 2016 | Governance | Kirsty Weakley

Charity representative bodies have told the Charity Commission that they have serious concerns about its draft guidance for the use of its power to issue official warnings.


Charity sector criticises draft guidance on warnings power

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A Christian charity whose youth minister was convicted of sexual offences against beneficiaries failed to ensure adequate safeguarding procedures, a Charity Commission inquiry report said today.

'Scary' regulator will drive away trustees, says RNIB chief executive

The outgoing chief executive of RNIB has called for the Charity Commission to stop scaring people off from becoming trustees, and said the sector should rise up and force legislators to reform it.

Rob Wilson: 'For a few days I wasn't sure if my department was coming with me'

Rob Wilson talks to Kirsty Weakley about his department’s recent move to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and charities’ role in the new political climate.

Credit: Fergus Burnett

The Transforming Rehabilitation programme did not realise the full potential of the third sector and squeezed out smaller charities, a Public Accounts Committee report has said.

I am not against more effective regulation but the driver for this regulation must be based on sounder footings than just to appease the media because the media will be back with negative stories regardless.

» The Times story today is scraping the bottom of the barrel, but we still can’t ignore it

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Our weekly round-up of interesting and outlandish information, collected from the corners of the charity sector.

Fundraising Regulator has just £1,000 in the bank

The Fundraising Regulator has published its budget for the next 15 months, which show it currently has just over £1,000 worth of surplus in the bank.

A more nuanced and thoughtful FPS was promised and looks to have been delivered

The FPS proposals handled potentially devastating regulations with Kidd gloves, says Stephen Cotterill and Celina Ribeiro.

Dear Andrew: How do I deal with my board's poor attendance?

In this regular column, Andrew Hind answers readers’ queries about governance issues. This week a trustee asks what should be done about a fellow trustee and a chair's poor attendance.

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