Philanthropy can be 'disconnected, illegitimate and out of touch', warns JRF chief executive

Philanthropy can be 'disconnected, illegitimate and out of touch', warns JRF chief executive

29 Jun 2016 | Finance | Kirsty Weakley

Julia Unwin, the outgoing chief executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, urged philanthropists to find a new approach to tackling poverty, in the wake of the European Union referendum decision.


Philanthropy can be 'disconnected, illegitimate and out of touch', warns JRF chief executive

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Charity Commission releases 2016 annual return

The Charity Commission has now made available its latest annual return for charities to fill in.

The failure of the Big Society caused Brexit

The Big Society was a PR stunt and and its failure contributed to the leave result at last week's European Referendum, says Ben Darlington.

ICO received 260 complaints about charity fundraising nuisance calls in nine months

In the nine months between August 2015 and March 2016, the Information Commissioner's Office received 260 complaints about charities.

Slight decrease in trust of charities in Scotland, OSCR finds

The level of trust in charities in Scotland has fallen slightly following negative media reports, according to reports published this week by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

I am not against more effective regulation but the driver for this regulation must be based on sounder footings than just to appease the media because the media will be back with negative stories regardless.

» The Times story today is scraping the bottom of the barrel, but we still can’t ignore it

Charities face a 'widespread demonisation' warns civil society alliance Civicus

There has been a “widespread demonization” of civil society in recent years, and last year was a “dismal one for civil society around the world”, according to a report by international civil society alliance Civicus.


Charities must not ignore the public’s concerns over senior pay or overheads, the regulator's director of policy and communications said this morning.

 Leave vote ‘might result in reduced income for the sector’ warns NCVO

The decision to leave the European Union is likely to lead to a reduced income for the charity sector, NCVO has warned in a briefing today.

Charities will still have to adhere to EU data protection standards despite Brexit vote

Charities in the UK will have to adhere to data protection standards that are the “equivalent” of new European Union rules, despite last week’s referendum result, according to the ICO and Direct Marketing Association.

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