Trustee Leadership Survey 2014

Trustee Leadership Survey 2014

2 Jul 2014

Being a chair for a top charity is a rewarding and demanding role. Vibeka Mair analyses the trends in this year's Trustee Leadership Survey.


Trustee Leadership Survey 2014

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Governance of largest 500 charities

Mike Hudson describes a few of the findings of a recent survey of the governance of the largest 500 charities.

Trustee Leadership Survey 2012

Managing risk; building an inclusive board; and developing strategy – being a chair on a Charity 100 Index board is a challenging role. Vibeka Mair analyses the major trends from the 2012 Trustee Leadership Survey.

Trustee leadership survey 2010

The Trustee leadership survey reveals the demographical, financial and structural trends in the top 100 charities, most notably that the 2008 prediction that more women will ride high in chair roles has not come to fruition.

Top 100 Chief Executives Survey

Vibeka Mair reviews the leaders of the UK’s largest charities.

Structures for user and member involvement

Over the past few months, Richard Gutch interviewed 100 chief executives about the challenges and opportunities they are facing. Governance issues were one of the areas he explored.

Mergers and collaborations

The Baker Tilly Voluntary Sector Governance Survey of 2008 has some interesting findings on mergers and collaborations.

Baker Tilly Voluntary Sector Governance Survey

The 2008 Baker Tilly Voluntary Sector Governance Survey, in association with Charity Finance and Governance, track trends in a number of areas including operational structures, performance measurement, internal controls and reporting, as well as highlight new concerns for trustees.

Trustee payment survey - the findings

The Charity Commission recently published the results of a survey of trustee remuneration. The following summarises the findings of this research.

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