Valerie Owen
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How a housing charity turned a major setback into an opportunity

14 Sep 2015

Valerie Owen, OBE, chair of Swan Housing Association’s board, describes how seeing a governance problem as an opportunity for improvement led to a Swan that is really fit for the future.


How a housing charity turned a major setback into an opportunity

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Bullying in the workplace

A chief executive and employment lawyer offer advice on what to do when allegations of bullying heighten tension in the workplace.

Merger talks

Rushing towards a merger without following the proper procedures leads one charity into a bigger commitment than anticipated, reports Dianne Haley.

Group structures: considerations for trustees

Elizabeth Davis and Kirsteen Hook examine issues faced by trustees working with large complex networks.

Policing charities - the Shawcross way

Is the William Shawcross vision of charity regulation the correct one, asks Andrew Purkis.

Good advice, but there is an important point to add: merger is rarely a proper answer to impending insolvency.

» Trustees ignoring looming insolvency

Board leadership

Three years after starting a governance restructuring programme, key players at the Education Support Network describe how it was done.

Financial irregularities

Can a trustee board be too trusting of its executive team? Two experts give their advice for a charity in a trouble with the auditors.

Why Debra moved to a skills-based board

David Spence, acting chair of Debra, describes why the charity moved from a fully elected board to a more skills-based board while keeping members at the forefront of decision-making.

Trustees and finance directors

The January issue of Governance carried an article about the relationship between the key board member responsible for finance and the finance director. In this issue a finance director and a treasurer give us their perspective on this relationship.

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