Can a charity employ on of its trustees?
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Can a charity employ on of its trustees?

3 Jul 2014

Our guest Chairman advices a charity on the implications of employing one of its trustee.


Can a charity employ on of its trustees?

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Remuneration committee terms of reference

Olga Johnson presents a model document for terms of reference for remuneration committees.

Accidentally lost unencrypted personal data

Con Alexander explains the action one charity took after a memory stick containing donors' personal data was lost.

Board diversity: Diverse thinking

Charity Finance convened a group of senior sector figures to debate best practice on board and staff diversity. Ian Allsop reports on their discussion.

Women on boards 2014: Steady as she goes

There is a continuing improvement in the gender balance on the boards of large charities, but Vibeka Mair discovers that the chair is still a male-dominated role.

Good advice, but there is an important point to add: merger is rarely a proper answer to impending insolvency.

» Trustees ignoring looming insolvency

Chris Mould: 'those in power are sidestepping their responsibility to vulnerable people'

The chair of the Trussell Trust talks about why government threatened to shut his charity down, and how sector independence is under threat.

Preparing for Scottish independence: an executive leadership perspective

Patricia Armstrong looks at what changes could come from the referendum on Scottish independence.

Legal matters: Breaching your own complaints procedure

We all know it is good practice for a charity to have a complaints procedure, and that this procedure should be reviewed on a regular basis. But what happens when the policy is not followed, or doesn’t quite work? Vicki Bowles answers some FAQs about the practice of dealing with complaints.

Protecting your charity from copycat fraud

A trademark specialist, a reputation management specialist, a PR firm and the Charity Commission provide initial advice to a board of trustees about a copycat website.

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