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Oxfam comms director says politicians are using regulation to silence charities

26 Feb 2015 | Alice Sharman

Oxfam’s director of communications said yesterday that politicians were using regulation to threaten the reputation of charities that disagreed with them.


Oxfam comms director says politicians are using regulation to silence charities

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Louise Hall, head of charities, Investec

Charities’ finance and investment committees should examine the impact that the current record-high inflation has on their income and costs, and consider adjusting their investment strategies to compensate, an investment expert has advised.

Sam Younger, chief executive of the Charity Commission

Charity Commission chief executive Sam Younger says the regulator won't compel any charity to become a member of anything, but it will promote various umbrella bodies on its website.

Hazel Blears MP

Former Communities Secretary Hazel Blears MP has called for a legal definition for social enterprises, while minister for civil society Nick Hurd has conceded that such a definition may be required.

Major deterrents to contacting charities revealed

People are put off contacting a charity for support or advice if a charity is hard-to-contact, takes a long time to respond or asks for too much personal information, according to research by Connect Assist.

Charity Finance was (and is) a truly proper read for anyone working in this industry. It was like Daniel himself - decent, informative, full of integrity and with a sprinkling of humour to lighten the load.

» Daniel Phelan: Publisher, editor, social entrepreneur, intellectual

Sam Younger, chief executive, Charity Commission

The Charity Commission has finally published its new investment guidance, CC14, and it makes clear that programme-related investment and ‘mixed-motive investment’ are both perfectly legitimate models for charities to consider.

A Haitian boy receives aid after the 2010 earthquake, copyright Logan Abassi, The United Nations

Almost two years since the earthquake that saw Haiti crumble, the country is still reeling and in desperate need. So why are charities abandoning a country which can not yet fend for itself? Andrew Chaggar blogs from the frontline.

The chair and the chief executive run the show

The long-standing chair and chief executive have forced two trustees to resign, a chief executive and governance consultant respond.

Nightmare board for merged charities

The members of a merged board are still acting in the interests of their old charities and not the new charity. Rosie Chapman offers advice.

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