Paula Sussex to be the next Charity Commission chief executive

Paula Sussex to be the next Charity Commission chief executive

17 Apr 2014 | Vibeka Mair

Paula Sussex, senior vice president, public sector of CGI, has been appointed the new chief executive of the Charity Commission.


Paula Sussex to be the next Charity Commission chief executive

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Care charity loaned over £173,000 to staff member to buy house

The Charity Commission has concluded its report into Broad View Care Ltd after its second statutory investigation which revealed the charity had loaned over £173,000 to its director of nursing to buy a house.

Appeal Court legacy ruling sets 'dangerous precedent', warn charities

Three large animal charities have voiced their dismay over a Court of Appeal judgment that allows a disinherited daughter to challenge her deceased mother’s decision to leave her entire £500,000 estate to the charities.

Hurd seeks to reconfer exempt status to schools and sixth-forms

Minister for civil society Nick Hurd has announced that academies, foundation and voluntary schools and sixth-form colleges will have their exempt status reconferred, subject to parliamentary approval.

Jess Steele, Locality

Locality is planning to set up an Institute for Community Organising as part of the £15m community organisers programme it is running on behalf of the government.

Tory MPs hate the voluntary sector because they cannot control it or subvert it as an alternative and independent source of thinking and action on social issues.

» Organisations which spend more on campaigning than field work shouldn't be charities, MP says

Government's Big Society actions are 'not meeting rhetoric'

Speakers at yesterday’s ‘Reality check for Big Society’ event did not provide ringing endorsements that the government’s policy agenda would create a more equal and fair society.

Rosie Chapman, director of policy and effectiveness, Charity Commission

Rosie Chapman, executive director of policy and effectiveness at the Charity Commission, has elected to take advantage of its voluntary exit programme and will leave the regulator at the end of May.


Thirteen Age Concerns have decided not to join the Age UK brand, and instead partner with Advant-Age, a new trading company set up by four Age Concerns.

Diana's signature appeared on millions of pots of Flora

Franklin Mint’s counter-lawsuit against the Diana Fund in 2003 personally named all the trustees and was for a sum of “well over a hundred million dollars”, Andrew Hind revealed in his opening plenary at the Trustee Exchange conference today.

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