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Office for Civil Society formally transferred to DCMS

21 Jul 2016 | Kirsty Weakley

The Office for Civil Society, and its responsibilities including social investment, have been transferred from the Cabinet Office to the Department for Culture Media and Sport, it was confirmed this afternoon.


Office for Civil Society formally transferred to DCMS

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Nicola Evans, Bircham Dyson Bell

The Law Commission has indicated that it plans to examine charity legislation after Lord Hodgson has concluded his review of the Charities Act, and there may even be another draft charities bill produced in 2015.

Kevin Curley, chief executive of Navca

The price of a seat at the table of power may be having to bite your lip to stop yourself saying what you really think, but it is a price worth paying, outgoing Navca CEO Kevin Curley said in his final speech to a Navca Conference yesterday.

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This is the full text of Kevin Curley’s address to the Navca Localism Conference on 22 November 2011 in London. It was Kevin’s final address to a Navca conference after 40 years in the Navca movement.  Kevin spoke first at a Navca (then NACVS) Conference in 1971. 

Rosie Chapman, former director of policy and effectiveness at the Charity Commission

Rosie Chapman provides a whistle-stop tour of the terms of reference of the NCVO's review of the Charities Act 2006.

Can't help but think that this issue and many of the other bad news stories to have hit the sector over the last few months are rooted in poor governance.

» The story in the Times isn't nonsense, the sector needs to sit up and take notice

Merchiston Castle School is one of four independent schools to be confirmed by OSCR as meeting the charity test today

The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator has today confirmed the charitable status of four independent schools after requiring them to widen access to meet the charity test in 2008.

Tribunal case is based on a hypothetical question, admits Attorney General

The point of law that the Charity Tribunal is clarifying this week in a four-day hearing on benevolent funds, involving at least eight barristers and several more solicitors, is a hypothetical question, counsel for the Attorney General has admitted.

Dominic Fox, chief executive, Association of Charitable Organisations

The Association of Charitable Organisations has criticised the Charity Commission for forcing its members to waste time and money on the Charity Tribunal case being heard in London this week.

Attorney General Dominic Grieve

A cohort of benevolent funds will appear before the Upper Tribunal this week to argue that they provide services to a sufficiently wide range of people to pass the public benefit test.

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