Lobbying Act comes into force today

Lobbying Act comes into force today

19 Sep 2014 | Kirsty Weakley

The Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014 comes into force today, which limits the amount charities can spend on campaigning in the lead-up to the general election.


Lobbying Act comes into force today

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Charity Commission in Liverpool

The Charity Commission has insisted it will continue to prioritise the most serious risk to the sector and its reputation, despite its funding constraints.

Sam Younger, chief executive, Charity Commission

Some 337 serious incidents concerning vulnerable beneficiaries were reported to the Charity Commission last year, while the total number of serious incidents being notified has nearly doubled for the second year running.

Locality announces four-year plan for £15m government community scheme

Locality has selected a second tranche of organisations to host the £15m government programme, which will recruit and train 5,000 community organisers over the next four years.

European e-school for volunteers established

An online school for volunteers and organisations for volunteers has been set up by a group of European voluntary organisations.

"Stick to their knitting". Who on earth do you think you are Mr Newmark. You've probably just plummeted the Conservative Party so far down the polls they'll never recover.

» Brooks Newmark: charities should keep out of politics

Rosie Chapman, former director of policy and effectiveness at the Charity Commission

The concept of ‘voluntary sector funding’ from government could disappear as the new open public services agenda takes hold, a submission to the Independence Panel suggests.

Forging strategic identity aligns values to organisational impact

Few leadership models address a CEO's role in building an organisation to do well both financially and in a wider social context. Tesse Akpeki looks at how leaders can attain this.

Sally Burton, chief executive of Shaw Trust

Sally Burton, chief executive of Shaw Trust, has stepped down from her role after nearly two years, during which time she instigated a new strategy and set about hiring lots of new talent in the top team.

Should a charity's name explain what it does?

Gareth Jones asks if we are seeing a trend for charity names to explain clearly what the organisation does.

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