Anna Turley

Commission board member criticised in Commons over EU essay

28 Apr 2016 | Emily Corfe

The Charity Commission has adopted a ‘do as I say not as I do’ policy on charity campaigning, the shadow minister for civil society, Anna Turley, told the House of Commons yesterday.


Commission board member criticised in Commons over EU essay

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A trustees 'how to' guide to loan finance

In the current economic climate, fear of debt can be understood. But with the right kind of loan, charities can thrive - and have greater control over their future.

Ex gratia payments (financial aspects)

Having decided that an ex gratia payment is needed, how do trustees treat the payment in accounts and the charity's annual report?

Ex gratia payments (legal aspects)

Ex gratia payments are payments made by charities where there is no legal requirement to do so.

Charities and the use of subsidiary trading companies

In a series of three articles, Anne-Marie Piper provides an overview of the governance and other issues relating to charities wishing or needing to trade.

Charities already register with the Charity Commission; the FRSB costs money that many small charities, doing God's and often the government's work, can ill afford; Olive Cooke did not kill herself over charity solicitations.

» Peers propose that all fundraising charities must register with the FRSB

Serious failures in due diligence and monitoring

The Charity Commission's Dave Walker outlines the importance of due diligence measures after an inquiry into a charity which used an intermediary to distribute funds led to its dissolution.

Age UK's battle  to win over local Age Concerns

Age UK has started building formal partnerships with independent Age Concerns, but some are refusing to join the new brand, deciding instead to forge a new identity. Kirsty Weakley finds out why.

High Court

Two of the three tribunal judges that will hear the case on public benefit of independent schools were themselves privately educated, but do not think that private schools are the “best thing since sliced bread”, lead judge Mr Justice Warren said today.


Jan Golding offers some advice on how to get the best out of your workforce in a time of spending cuts.

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