Charity Commission releases 2016 annual return

Charity Commission releases 2016 annual return

29 Jun 2016 | Alice Sharman

The Charity Commission has now made available its latest annual return for charities to fill in.


Charity Commission releases 2016 annual return

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Members who disagree with the board's decisions

A chief executive and charity offer advice to the leadership of a membership charity under pressure from a small number of unruly members.

Internal Revenue Service (US)

UK civil society organisations with investments in the US could fall within the scope of a proposed set of controversial US tax regulations, warns Kristin Konschnik.

Independent financial advisers plan new charity

A team of nine independent financial advisers is planning to set up a new financial education charity.

Welsh equality charity Awema to close after losing government funding

The board of Welsh equality charity Awema has announced it will manage “an orderly exit” for the organisation, following the Welsh government’s decision to terminate all funding for the charity.

Can't help but think that this issue and many of the other bad news stories to have hit the sector over the last few months are rooted in poor governance.

» The story in the Times isn't nonsense, the sector needs to sit up and take notice

The sector needs to better support its women, says Rowena Lewis

As the sector dedicated to social justice, why are charities not making better progress at smashing the glass ceiling? Rowena Lewis says leadership is needed.

Blears to push Hurd on definition for social enterprise

Labour MP Hazel Blears plans to write to minister for civil society Nick Hurd urging him to consider a statutory definition for social enterprise, after he recently confirmed that the government had no plans to introduce one.

Guide to tendering for an auditor

A practical guide from Helena Wilkinson on how to undertake an audit tender process.

Paul Stallard, PFRA chairman

Paul Stallard has joined the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association as its first paid chair, succeeding Michael Naidu who has been acting chair since 2008.

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