Lobbying Act comes into force today

Lobbying Act comes into force today

19 Sep 2014 | Kirsty Weakley

The Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014 comes into force today, which limits the amount charities can spend on campaigning in the lead-up to the general election.


Lobbying Act comes into force today

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Houses of Parliament. Image courtesy of nikoretro.

Yesterday’s Public Administration Select Committee meeting on the work of the Charity Commission provided some insights into the topics that the forthcoming ministerial review of the Charities Act might address.

Two Prince's Charities enter into merger talks

Arts & Business and Business in the Community, which are both in the Prince of Wales' Prince's Charities group, have announced they have entered into merger talks.

Charity sector workforce grows by 40 per cent in ten years

The voluntary sector employs more women and has a slightly older workforce compared with the public and private sectors, according to new research.

Liam Fox MP

MPs from both sides of the House took the Charity Commission to task over its handling of the Atlantic Bridge affair yesterday, with Conservatives accusing the regulator of bias against right-leaning organisations and Labour saying it was not tough enough.

Charities are not elected, and in their reports and press releases they claim an authority they may/should not enjoy.

» Charities can't avoid being political

Dame Suzi Leather, chair of the Charity Commission

The Conservative chair of the Public Administration Select Committee used the Charity Commission’s evidence session before the Committee yesterday to grill Commission chair Dame Suzi Leather about her personal views on the charitable status of public schools.

Danger of exercising break clauses in leases of property

A recent case highlights the importance of complying exactly with the conditions of a break clause, says Kate Slattery.

A dearth of clear policies

James Maloney explains the problem one charity was having with out-of-date articles of association and the steps taken to improve them.

Unexpected consequences of having the chief executive on the board

A chief executive questions whether it is still in the best interests of the charity for them to continue to be a member of the board.

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