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Oxfam director attacks Acevo and NCVO for 'toothless' response to public criticism of charities

27 May 2016 | Emily Corfe

Bodies like Acevo and NCVO have failed to provide proper leadership and lacked a concerted response in defending charities from public criticism, Oxfam's director of communications said this week.


Oxfam director attacks Acevo and NCVO for 'toothless' response to public criticism of charities

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Several housing charities are seeking to de-register themselves with the Charity Commission because they believe it "lacks the resources" to manage new rules over housing stock.

Not enough has been done to improve the Commission’s governance

Kirsty Weakley considers the implications of yesterday’s Charity Commission board announcement.

Society Diary: All rock and no roll, my way or the highwayman, and superhero babies

Our weekly round-up of interesting and outlandish information, collected from the corners of the charity sector.

Cabinet Office advertises for new Charity Commission board members

The Cabinet Office has advertised for three new board members for the Charity Commission and reappointed four others, including making one, Eryl Besse, the deputy chair.

Can't help but think that this issue and many of the other bad news stories to have hit the sector over the last few months are rooted in poor governance.

» The story in the Times isn't nonsense, the sector needs to sit up and take notice

 Vital work of charities damaged by fundraising, says Charity Commission chair

The “vital work” of charities has been damaged by aggressive fundraisers at some charities which had lost their way, the chair of the Charity Commission has written today in an article for The Times.

Oxfam treasurer questions whether being a registered charity is worthwhile

The treasurer of Oxfam International has questioned whether being a registered charity is worth the regulatory burden, and suggested charities could want to give up their registration and become social enterprises instead.

Landlord raises charity’s rent by 400,000 per cent; cafe owner argues with charity over huge boulder

Our regular round-up of the top stories about charities in the mainstream media. 

Select committee on charities confirmed

The House of Lords has confirmed the appointment of a Select Committee on Charities and confirmed that it is due to report by 31 March 2017.

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